Real Time Optimization

Real-time Optimization

Available in vertex, edge and polygon mode only, Real-time Optimization optimizes your islands as you work. It works just like the normal Optimize in the Unwrap panel, where Rizom looks for pinch or stretch under the hood and then runs an algorithm to get rid of these as much as possible, and when done, it shows you the results in the viewport. 

The only differences are that with this option set to Enabled, Rizom optimizes real-time, instead, so no waiting; it optimizes as you go. In addition, and this is important to note, you may want to pin some vertices or constrain some edges to get good results. 

Please Note: Real-time Optimize is CPU intensive and can slow down the viewport refresh rate, especially when working with dense geometry. So if you experience a slowdown in Rizom, you may want to tweak your slider settings or turn it off altogether.

Real-Time Optimize

This button enables Realtime Optimization when you're working on your mesh, like rotating, scaling, moving, or just dragging your polys around a little to refine an unwrap.

Real-Time Optimize Iterations

The slider lets you set the number of iterations you want to run while working on your topology. As always, higher numbers mean a higher load on your CPU, so make sure to experiment with the settings. 

You can also add the number of iterations manually in the little input field next to the spinner.


When enabled, the island's optimization process will reset to the island's unflattened state under the hood every time you make a change to it. And then, it will run the optimization process based on the slider settings. Sometimes this can really help with troublesome mesh.