Islands and Groups

Island Groups

Keyboard shortcuts: G, CTRL+G, Shift-Alt-G, Shift-CTRL-G

Modes: Island (F4) Only

Group Options

When you're unwrapping massive and complex models, it helps to group them as needed and not always like the model/material(object/poly-groups you defined and can select via the Select Model Dialog.

The Island Group panel also got a makeover as part of the Fall 2021 release.
First of all, it's now called Islands and Groups, as you can edit both with this panel. In addition to adding some new buttons, like nesting, we also moved some from the Packing Panel into this one, as you now can lock groups via the lock and lock overlap options in this panel. In addition, this is where you can also define how to display your groups. 

The workflows are the same, though: Select your island(s), and press G to group. Once grouped, you can modify the group as you need, from running a pack (P), to just rotate, scale, or align. 

You can change the size of the group box by grabbing a corner and drag it in any direction you want, holding the LMB. Double-clicking on a single island will select the entire group, and while the layout of your UV transfers, groups, and their settings won't.

Remember: RizomUV differentiates between group and content. So if something you modify on the group is not working, it may be that you need to select the group and its content. 


Create a new group from your current island selection. Select your islands (CTRL+Click) and press G. A box will appear around your island to signify it is grouped.
Shortcut: G

Add to Group

Adds a group inside your current group. I.e. when you have a lot of similar islands in a group, and you want to keep them separated, or tidied away in a group, select the islands you want to group and press G. A box will appear around your island to signify it is grouped.


Ungroup removes and deletes the selected islands or groups. You can click to select the group name in the lower left, or you can press CTRL+G after double-clicking an island in the group.
Shortcut: Ctrl-G


Rename renames the group name in Rizom. It will not carry over to exports (yet), but hopefully, it will help you keep your UVs tidy. Select the group name in the 2D view, and press the group name - it typically says G0, G1, etc. Click Rename in the Islands and Groups Panel, and enter the group's new name in the popup.

Select All Groups

Selects all groups. It's worth noting this is not a CTRL+A substitute, as it will not select everything, but it will select all the visible groups you've created.

Group Overlapped

Finds overlapped islands and creates groups for all of them.
Shortcut: Shift-CTRL-G



Locks the group and its islands, so it won't be affected by changes you make to the rest of the model's UV map. This includes packing and modifications: When a group is locked, it will be immune to any transformations applied by packing, scaling, rotating or moving. The group and its islands will stay in place. 

You Unlock by Selecting the group and its content and pressing the Lock icon again.


Indicates whether all currently selected islands or groups have the same value(s) - or not


This option locks the group's content for edits, but the group itself can be moved and scaled. The islands in this group will not be repacked come packing time, even if Pack All is enabled. This is due to allowing islands to be, and stay stacked on top of each other come packing time.


Indicates whether all currently selected islands or groups have the same value(s) - or not

Group Display

Show Outlines

Puts a coloured line matching the bounding box around grouped islands, so it's easier to see they're grouped, especially if/when you zoom in.

Show boxes

The outline of the island/group is replaced by a coloured frame that also works as a control box - you hold the LMB down and drag it up or down, left or right, to scale the box.

Show Island Group Labels

Shows island group labels. Remember that you can use the labels to select. Press the G label to select the group, click content to select the islands in the group, and stack to select the outline of a stack, should you have one

Show Island Group Buttons

Show islands groups and the select content button. Remember that you can also double-click on an island in a group to select the group's entire content.