Versions and Licenses

RizomUV Flavours

RizomUV comes in several versions and license flavours:


RizomUV VS (Virtual Spaces) is for any modelling or texturing artist not in need of CAD, Engineering or Laser Cutting options. In other words any games, VFX, 3D printing, archviz and similar workflows.

RizomUV RS /Real Spaces) Is for real-world use such as laser surface texturing, manufacturing pad printing or inflatable structures.

The RizomUV SDK is for users who wish to integrate RizomUV in their pipeline, and it has its own, pending documentation.

RizomUV Licenses:

Indie and Student (Node-locked):

  • Rent to own, lets you purchase RizomUV on a downpayment plan of 14.90 Euro a month. We've added a 7 (seven) day grace period between each payment. This means that if your payment is delayed, as long as you pay within the grace period, the months will continue to accumulate. After 12 months you will have a perpetual license, which will keep working in perpetuity.
    Should you wish to maintain your maintenance, you just extend your license.

  • Perpetual As above, but paid upfront with a year’s maintenance. You can use the application after your support expires, or you can extend your license for another year of updates and support.

Pro Licensing (Node-locked and Floating):

Pro Licensing is for entities with a revenue of more than 100K (one hundred thousand) Euro in revenue per year.

  • Nodelocked Rental, You will have access to new builds and support until your rental period expires.

  • Floating rental As with all our other products, you will have support until your tokens or license expire unless you opt to renew. Floating rental is based on tokens linked to a license server.
    We ask you read our installation guide carefully prior to purchase to ensure you have everything you need to implement the server and its tokens

For all licenses, except rentals:

  • Installs: The software can be installed on two computers but only one computer can run the software at a time.

  • Host-ID: For all licenses, except the save disabled-demo, you'll need to provide us with your computer's host-ID in order to generate your license file. To  get your Host ID, go the download page, install and run RizomUV on the computer you'e installing it on. On start, the application will display the computer Host ID text in its activation dialog. Use this to generate your license file.

  • For companies located in the EU: Please don’t forget to add your VAT Intra-Community number on checkout to avoid VAT being charged. For companies located outside the European Union, this will not be an issue.