RizomUV is a standalone UV mapping application for most 3D needs, from games to indies, to VFX, CAD and archviz. RizomUv’s sole focus is on flattening your UVs, and we have a ton of tools to help you achieve ultra-flat and tidy UV Zen. Should you have any questions the manual is not answering for you, please don’t hesitate to ask us in any of these places

And if asking questions isn’t your thing, check out our YouTube channel.

Getting Started

  • RizomUV overview

    • Requirements

    • Versions

    • Licenses

    • Activation

  • Downloading and installing RizomUV Indie

  • Downloading and installing RizomUV Pro

  • UI basics

  • UV Mapping basics

  • Common UV Mapping phrases

  • What makes a good UV map?




The RizomUV UI

  • The Menu Bar

  • The Viewports

    • 3D Viewport

    • 2D Viewport

  • The Tool Panels

    • The top panel

    • The right-hand panel

    • The bottom panel

    • The left-hand panel

  • The Export dialog

  • The Preferences dialog

  • The Keyboard customisation dialog

  • The Explorer dialog

  • The Scripting Dialog