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Even though the RizomUV UI can look pretty daunting to users new to the application, it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it.

The RizomUV UI

It’s easy to get lost in the tool panels when you are starting out. It may help to think of them as follows:

  • The Menu Bar is the same as it is in all other applications - menu-dropdowns where you can choose functionality also present in the tool panels.

  • The Top Panel - this is where the heavy tool lifting lives, as this is where you can set your unwrapping, layout, and packing settings as well as a scripting hub, and settings for your UV grid

  • The Right Hand Panel: This is where you can further work on your layout, run autoseams if you don’t want to unwrap, yourself, run topocopy, and create alternate UV channels, should you need to

  • The Bottom Panel is where the UDIM and transformation settings live

  • The Colour bar is where you can check distortion, texel density as well as material groups, topology groups and create colourID maps

  • The Left-Hand bar is where the brushes and symmetry live (and remember, once you activate a brush, it will show its settings in the top right of the Right-Hand panel)

Navigating In RizomUV

It’s easy to navigate in RizomUV, once you know how: Of course you can click icons and spin dials in the tool panels, but you can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. Like these:




Lets you work in one viewport only ,Press E in the 3D viewport to work there, and E in the 2D viewport to work there


Focuses on your selection


Focuses on your entire model

Mouse Over/Hover

Mouse Over performs actions such as unwrap, optimise or other actions on the mouse-overed item


Brings up the transform Gizmo for scaling, rotating or moving


Select Element

LMB + Spacebar

Scales selected, selects and scales on mouseover

MMB + Spacebar

Moves selected, selects and moves on mouseover

RMB + Spacebar

Rotates selected, selects and rotates on mouseover


Rotates model-view in the 3D Viewport only. In the 2D viewport only if Orbit is turned on


Moves the view in the 2 and 3D viewports


Rotates the view in the 2 and 3D viewports


Later than December 2020

Before December 2020

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